Cyber Defense Summit 2017 Keynote Series

Kevin Mandia discusses the changing cyber security battlefield.

Kevin Mandia, CEO and Board Director, FireEye
The state of cybersecurity. (21:08)

John Watters reveals the mistakes many organizations make around cyber security spending.

John Watters, Executive VP and Chief Corporate Strategy Officer, FireEye
Intelligence-led security. (34:04)

Grady Summers discusses security alert fatigue.

Grady Summers, Executive VP and CTO, FireEye
FireEye product innovation. (48:09)

David Hogue, NSA Senior Technical Director

David Hogue, Senior Technical Director, NSA
A Day in the Life of NSA’s Cybersecurity Operations Center (NCTOC). (41:00)

“The best minds in the world in one place, sharing stories and best practices and learning about new and upcoming technologies.”

Freud Alexandre, Enterprise Architect & Security Manager, City of New Orleans

Nadav Zafrir, Team8 Co-Founder & CEO

Nadav Zafrir, Co-Founder and CEO, Team8
Change your cyber state of mind. (60:40)

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