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Call for Presentations

Submissions are now open

FireEye is seeking presentation submissions for its annual Cyber Defense Summit (CDS). Our current expectation is that CDS will feature a hybrid approach, offering in-person and virtual experiences designed to give attendees a mix of opportunities for learning, networking and collaboration. We are planning to hold the event Oct. 4-7, 2021, physically in Washington, D.C. and virtually through the event platform. This Call for Presentations (CFP) is specifically for Summit breakout sessions being held on October 6 and 7.

Now in its 11th year, Cyber Defense Summit brings leaders from industry, government and academia together with FireEye experts and others from across the security community to address the challenges of today’s threat landscape. Previous Summits have averaged in-person attendance of more than 1,200 people from 30+ countries. This year, we expect the event to garner a larger total audience, as we are creating a robust virtual experience to complement the on-site event.


Call for Presentations opens
April 27, 2021

Presentation proposals due
June 1, 2021

Proposal selections announced
June 25, 2021

Submissions are now closed

Thank you for your presentation proposals!

All proposals are being evaluated and speakers will be notified whether their proposal has been selected.

Please check back soon for details on selected speakers and Summit agenda details.


Suggested Topics

Cyber Defense Summit is for you and about you. Your expertise and creativity are welcome in shaping the topics that will be covered and we invite you to propose interesting and relevant presentation topics for Summit breakout and virtual, on-demand sessions.

Breakout sessions are focused around three tracks: Executive Track, Technical Track, Solutions Track.

On-site breakout session timeslots will be 45 minutes in length. One 45-minute session can accommodate two related 20-25-minute topics, if applicable. Double sessions of 90-minutes will also be considered for extraordinary topics that require additional time. We encourage multi-speaker sessions to both provide different perspectives on the topic and create a more engaging session overall. Please specify the expected duration of your presentation in your proposal (45 min, 20 min, 90 min).

Virtual, on-demand sessions are available to be accessed at any time on the event platform by attendees, and can be any length, from 10-30 minutes. These sessions are new for 2021 and give a new level of flexibility to touch on any topic that may be of interest to attendees. Note that this session is 100 percent pre-recorded and virtual and there is no requirement to present the topic in person.

Submissions that include instructional material and take-aways will be given primary consideration.

Below are some of the suggested topic areas we’d love to see in each track, but we welcome any and all ideas if they are relevant to the themes of the tracks.

Executive Track

What managers, executives, lawyers, and boards of directors need to know about cyber security
  • Cyber risk preparedness for the c-suite and board of directors
  • Considerations when dealing with cyber extortion or disruptive threat actors
  • The evolution of the malicious insider from IP theft to state- enabled espionage
  • Zero Trust: Best Practices through the Maturity Lifecycle
  • Beyond Information Sharing – Public-Private Cooperation for the Modern Threat Landscape
  • Elevating women into IT executive leadership 
  • Appropriate uses of attribution and responsible disclosures in cyber defense and deterrence
  • Implications of operational technology (OT) or Internet of Things (IoT) on cyber security
  • Role of artificial intelligence in cyber security
  • Strategic, legal and/or operational considerations regarding incident detection and response
  • Securing information in the cloud era
  • Hidden cyber security risks during M&A
  • 5G: Risk management in an increasingly connected world
  • Implications of cyber security talent shortages

Technical Track

What security practitioners need to know to mitigate, detect, and respond to cyber attacks
  • Tales from the front lines – the latest on security breaches and incident response
  • Securing and investigating assets in the cloud
  • New, novel, or challenging adversary tradecraft and malware
  • Defending against state-affiliated threat groups
  • Burgeoning malware techniques and analysis conundrums
  • How to red team without looking like a red team
  • Using good or bad attribution to bolster or subvert an incident response
  • New state-sponsored players to the CNO scene, emerging state-sponsored APT capabilities
  • Dealing with SOC fatigue, alternative SOC models
  • Improving signal-to-noise of security alerts
  • Important digital forensic artifacts leveraged for detection or investigation
  • Nuances of detection and incident response in ICS/OT environments
  • Challenges and successes in SOC analyst task automation
  • Vetted approaches to threat hunting, what works and what doesn’t
  • Practicalities of cyber defense, detection, forensics and response in specific sectors: government, financials, pharma, healthcare etc.

Solutions Track

How FireEye Mandiant solutions are used on the front lines of cyber security
  • How FireEye helps to protect customer data in the cloud
  • Real-world examples - FireEye Mandiant offerings leveraged to prevent cyber-attacks and protect an organization’s assets
  • The power of partnerships: synergies and advantages of working with the partner ecosystem
  • Best practices on how to gather, share, and use intelligence to stay a step ahead of attackers
  • Insight into the unique nature of regional threats and how to leverage FireEye Mandiant technologies to mitigate those challenges
  • Lessons learned on addressing the challenges of cyber security within your industry (cite examples of what’s unique about your industry’s security challenges and how you leveraged FireEye to address them)
  • Showcase of successful experiences with any FireEye Mandiant Solutions
  • Partner solutions that add new functionality to FireEye Mandiant Solutions