Regina Elwell

Regina Elwell

Senior Threat Analyst, FireEye’s TORE Advanced Practices – FireEye

Regina Elwell is a Senior Threat Analyst on FireEye’s Technical Operations and Reverse Engineering (TORE) Advanced Practices team where she pursues targeted attack groups and their cutting-edge techniques. Prior to joining TORE, Regina was a Senior Consultant at Mandiant where she investigated targeted intrusions of Fortune 100 companies representing a wide range of industries including technology, hospitality, and entertainment.

Regina is a subject matter expert on financially motivated attackers with specific knowledge of their malware, tools, tactics, and techniques. Prior to her time at FireEye and Mandiant, Regina was a CyberCorps student at the George Washington University where she received her Master of Science in High Technology Crime Investigation.

Presentation: ATT&CKing FIN7: The Value of Using Frameworks for Threat Intelligence