Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey

Staff Reverse Engineer, FLARE Team – FireEye

Michael Bailey (@mykill) gets his kicks from inflicting his will on computer systems. From an early age, Mike wanted to understand what it meant to "write" software, including viruses. As a teenager, his dad made him install his own CD-ROM, which opened the door to long nights of writing batch files, learning programming languages, and playing DOOM.

He earned a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and has enjoyed a diverse career as an IT automator, kernel driver developer, Mandiant Red Teamer, CNO tool author, and now a Staff Reverse Engineer on FireEye's FLARE team. At work, Mike reverses malware, attacks and strengthens goodware, writes custom debuggers, instructs aspiring reverse engineers, and maintains FLARE's Internet simulation tool which is called FakeNet-NG. At home, he's a husband and daddy who studies languages, spins Drum & Bass, and occasionally strums the banjo.

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