Jim Waggoner

Jim Waggoner

Senior Director Product Management, Endpoint – FireEye

Jim Waggoner is the Sr. Director of Product Management at FireEye. For the last 5 years at FireEye, Jim has been driving the endpoint security strategy that had roots in FireEye’s investigative response tool and has now grown to protecting more than 1200 customers and 18 Million endpoints. Prior to FireEye, Jim spent 17 years creating market leading endpoint solutions at Intel Security (McAfee) and Symantec that have been protecting millions of businesses, hundreds of millions of endpoints against billions of threats. Jim has devoted his career to help businesses protect themselves against outside threats and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Jim has a BA in Psychology from California State Poly-Technic University, Pomona which he leverages in his daily interactions. In his free, time Jim is a happy Father of a six-year-old son, an avid comic collector, and always looking for a new series to binge watch, or sci-fi/fantasy/devastation book to enjoy.