Jeff Seely

Jeff Seely

Director of Security Instrumentation and Effectiveness – FireEye

Jeff Seely has been a security engineer for nearly 20-years. He started his career at the MSSP Riptech followed by ArcSight and Symantec before building his own company, Relay Security, where for over ten years he focused on penetration testing, security assessments and NERC CIP audits for the critical infrastructure industry. Jeff joined Verodin in 2016 and has since focused on applying his industry expertise and knowledge towards helping customers get the most out of the Verodin platform.

Jeff has worked in and with red teams, blue teams and SOCs. He has extensive experience working with SIEMs, log management solutions and threat intelligence. Jeff also has vast experience with a multitude of security controls, operating systems, network devices, programming languages and virtual and cloud-based environments.