Ian Ahl

Ian Ahl

Principal Security Architect – FireEye

Ian Ahl is currently the Principal Security Architect for the FireEye Email Security and Helix platforms. Previous to taking on the Security Architect role, Ian was a Technical Director within Mandiant Consulting, focusing on Incident Response investigations. Ian has lead and responded to dozens of investigations involving targeted threat actors across many industry verticals to include Government, Hospitality, Finance, Manufacturing, and Retail.

Ian has more than 16 years of experience delivering Information Technology and Information Security services to various government and commercial clients as a US Marine, Federal Employee, business owner, contractor and consultant. Through these various roles, Ian has gained in-depth expertise in Incident Analysis, Incident Response, and Digital Forensics. Ian is the author of several information security tools that have been adapted into specialized Linux distributions like Backtrack, Kali, and HoneyDrive.

Track Chair: Technical Track