Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson

Breach Response Services – Beazley

Mr. Anderson is a senior member of Beazley’s Breach Response Services team. As a dedicated service to cyber insurance policyholders, the breach response team rapidly deploys emergency response services when a customer is having a data security crisis. Mr. Anderson has helped handle over 1,200 unique data incidents ranging from some of the largest credit card breaches in the world to sophisticated nation state hacking to vicious extortion schemes.

Prior to joining Beazley, Mr. Anderson held various Information Security leadership positions within the Healthcare, Higher Education, and Financial Services sectors. He also holds several professional designations such as the CISSP, Certified Information Security Professional and is a former PCI-ISA, PCI Internal Security Assessor.

At Beazley, Mr. Anderson’s primary responsibility is daily breach management which includes helping insureds make critical breach handling decisions, coordinating services, and ensuring breach notification compliance in order to help reduce or eliminate future regulatory liability. Mr. Anderson also plays a lead role in helping insureds with pre/post breach services, incident response planning, information security training, and information technology compliance best practices including on-site data breach table top exercises. Mr. Anderson is local to Atlanta, Ga.